Best Affordable Pool Cues

If you want get serious about your game of billiards, a pool stick is the first purchase you should consider. Whether you’re a professional or a novice at the game of pool, you need a cue for billiards that both looks and feels good.

Game Table Genie is an authorized dealer of 13 pool cue brands, giving you many options for any style or budget. We trust all of these brands to provide the highest quality materials, innovation, and construction. These three factors will guarantee you a pool stick that will last.

The Ultimate Billiards Cues

A beautiful pool stick can be an heirloom piece, and if you’re an expert billiards player or passionate collector, we have many options for you. Our Katana, McDermott, and Spartan pool cues can’t help but drive you to improve your game. With fiber linen ferrules and steel butt plates, solid maple shafts, acid wood detailing, and beautiful inlays across the lot, we have the cue you’ll want to treasure forever.

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